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Opal Steel Construction Industry and Trade Inc. has been operating in construction sector since 2000. With long years of knowledge and experience of the founders, expert technical staff and qualified staff as a result of continuous change took the right place in the industry. Opal Steel Construction uses all kinds of technology in its modern production facilities with a capacity of 1.000 tons/month and located in a closed area of 10.000 m² in Sakarya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone. Having adopted the principle of fast and high quality production with its fully automatic sandblasting and painting plant, fully automatic CNC drilling, cutting units and CNC plasma cutting lines, Opal Steel Construction has gained the trust of the leading companies of the business world and Opal Steel Construction has successfully signed many facilities. Opal Steel Construction, which has adopted the principles of quality, speed and customer satisfaction as a priority, has accomplished turn-key projects from design to application in turn key industrial buildings, gas and oil, factory and warehouse buildings, business centers, training and sports structures, cold storage areas, social buildings, carpark structures, roof and facade claddings services.

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OPAL STEEL design group cooperates with static design and architectural groups of the companies served to realize all detailing works focused on required principles. This allows making it possible to avoid any problem in organizing the production and installation details of agreements required by different units.Steel structure modeling and all drawings for production as well as material lists can be created within a short period of time thanks to CAD programs and all structural parts (columns, beams, purlins, braces) using CNC controlled full automatic machines in the factory, by sending the required data through the software.All elements constituting the construction are connected using pre-stressed bolts and no cutting and welding is performed at the site with minimal cutting and modification.All parts are numbered and are cut to size and drilled in the factory.Central procurement simplifies coordination of shipment and installation of parts made compatible to each other.

 OPAL STEEL has one of the leading steel production capacity in Turkey with an annual production of 10.000 tons. With its steel construction production, dimensioning, connection, sanding, painting processes and production lines with full automatic systems in its plant in Sakarya , equipped with latest technology, OPAL STEEL has become one of the fastest and assertive companies of the sector capable of performing all operations including sanding, shop primer painting,CNC oxygen cutting, CNC plasma cutting, fabricated with submerged arc weld profile production line, CNC profile drilling-marking, sheet drilling-marking,, painting drying.Leading the company to be the most assertive organization to deliver products on time and in such quality complying with Eurocode/AISC standards.

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Industrial Plants & Buildings Warehouses & Production Plants High Rise Buildings Sports Facilities Hangars & Mini Storages Cold Storage Buildings Livestock & Agricultural Structures Architectural Designs Steel Construction Facilities Steel Roofs Marina Marketplaces Education Buildings

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