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Opal Steel - Steel Construction while making interior design designs that are compatible with the ever-changing design trends, is always meticulous about meeting the aesthetic understanding of the modern age and the innovative expression in the designs it makes. davranmaktadır.


Opal Steel - Steel Construction, produces solutions with its dynamic and creative team consisting of experienced professionals in order to offer the most suitable design, structural and aesthetic criteria according to the users.


Opal Steel - Steel Construction, with its experienced team that reflects the importance given to design in architectural organizations, creates projects that are in line with customer expectations.

Why Us

Our Activities

TURNKEY SOLUTION IN STEEL BUILDINGS: Industrial Plants - Warehouse Buildings - Production Plants - High Rise Buildings - Sports Facilities - Olympic Swimming Pools - Hangars - Airport Buildings- Mini Storages - Cold Storage Buildings - Business Centers - Steel Houses - Architectural Designs - Steel Construction Facilities - Steel Roofs - Solid Waste Facilities - Municipality Facilities - Auto Gallery Sites - Bus Terminals.


Steel technology challenges traditional methods. Because STEEL offers perfect comfort, aesthetics and confidence. Thanks to architectural design simplicity, robustness, earthquake resistance and speed advantages, structures made of steel construction system continue to take the place of traditional construction technology with new century technology.

Core Values

Our employees are the greatest value in offering customer solutions. For this reason, we are constantly striving for customer satisfaction with talented professionals who share our values. We are constantly looking for new and entrepreneurial ways to meet our customers' needs and overcome expectations, whether by technology process.


OPAL STEEL produces according to quality standards and international norms at every stage of production. The CNC automatic drilling, cutting and machining centers used in steel construction production meet the requirements of precision production.

Quality Management System

It works with ISO 9001: Quality Management System and the system is carried out with the QPR Process Guide program.

Continuously Specialized Staff

It also invests in its employees by providing all the necessary training and materials to its personnel with an understanding of constantly developing and changing accordingly.

Our Projects

Opal Steel - Steel Construction
Correct Address in Steel Structure
Opal Steel

Industrial Facilities and Buildings Warehouses and Production Facilities High-rise Buildings Sports Facilities Social Facilities Hangars and Mini Warehouses Cold Storages Livestock and Agricultural Structures Architectural Designs Steel Construction Facilities Steel Roofs Marinas Marketplaces Educational Buildings

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    • Steel Construction Assembly

      The steel construction materials to which the materials are shipped are completed quickly by our expert staff and the work is delivered. Our company has adopted the principle of minimizing the negativities that may occur by obtaining all kinds of certificates, caution and training in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Employees have certificates of

      January 31, 2022
    • Steel Construction Manufacturing

      After the architectural and unchangeable projecting is completed, the steel construction carrier system is produced in a perfect and fast manner around the factory.

      January 31, 2022
    • Why Steel Structure

      Steel is affordable. Pre-built, fabricated transport personnel provide high quality at low cost and greatly shorten construction time. Steel is the material with the maximum carrying capacity to weight ratio. Thanks to the high bearing capacity of steel, steel construction personnel are produced in smaller sections and quantities, lighter and with magnificent qualities. Since the dimensions of the carrier

      January 31, 2022
    • Steel Roof Systems

      The use of steel as the material used in the manufacture of roofs in some of the buildings can enable the building to absorb the loads of natural disasters that may come on it. Structures made in this way do not exert a load or force on the building more than their own weight. These structures are

      January 31, 2022
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    How can we help you?
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