Why Opal Steel

Opal Steel Construction Industry and Trade Inc. has been operating in construction sector since 2000. With long years of knowledge and experience of the founders, expert technical staff and qualified staff as a result of continuous change took the right place in the industry. Opal Steel Construction uses all kinds of technology in its modern production facilities with a capacity of 1.000 tons/month and located in a closed area of 10.000 m² in Sakarya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone. Having adopted the principle of fast and high quality production with its fully automatic sandblasting and painting plant, fully automatic CNC drilling, cutting units and CNC plasma cutting lines, Opal Steel Construction has gained the trust of the leading companies of the business world and Opal Steel Construction has successfully signed many facilities. Opal Steel Construction, which has adopted the principles of quality, speed and customer satisfaction as a priority, has accomplished turn-key projects from design to application in turn key industrial buildings, gas and oil, factory and warehouse buildings, business centers, training and sports structures, cold storage areas, social buildings, carpark structures, roof and facade claddings services.


Opal Steel – Steel Construction

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