Why Steel Structure

Steel is affordable. Pre-built, fabricated transport personnel provide high quality at low cost and greatly shorten construction time. Steel is the material with the maximum carrying capacity to weight ratio. Thanks to the high bearing capacity of steel, steel construction personnel are produced in smaller sections and quantities, lighter and with magnificent qualities. Since the dimensions of the carrier personnel in steel structures are much smaller than wood and concrete, much more usage area is obtained. This provides a more beneficial use of the building area. Cost balance and short production times allow people to settle in earlier, allowing them to gain less rent, interest and cost advantages.

Steel Structures Are Earthquake Resistant.

The high strength, elasticity and lightness of steel make it the best earthquake resistant construction material. Steel is a material that can withstand the impacts it receives and prohibits the impact that comes with slight deformations without breaking.
It is light. The greater the mass of the structure, the greater the force that will be affected by the earthquake. The only factor that will reduce the earthquake force is the loosening of the structure. Steel houses are approximately 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete structures. This will reduce the earthquake load on the building by 5 times.

Steel is Environmentalist

Steel is a durable and reproducible material. The material from the dismantling of steel buildings is recovered. The skeleton of a building made of light steel material can be obtained from 7-8 scrap cars. On the other hand, in order to make a similar structure from wood, approximately 50 trees must be cut.

Steel is Fast

Since there is no need for concrete except for the foundation and the floodplain, the installation of the steel construction can be done very quickly regardless of the weather conditions. This allows the need for capital to decrease and the construction costs to decrease. The installation of a 200 m2 house can be completed in as little as 10 days.

Steel is Quality

The quality of steel, which is a completely industrial product and produced with the specifications defined by international standards all over the world, is documented by dominating at every level of its production. The manufacturer or the user cannot interfere with the physical properties of the material. Theoretical account values ​​are also valid in practice.

Steel is Stainless

Since galvanized steel is used in light steel carrier construction, corrosion resistance is high and there is no rusting. As in wood, there is no cracking or infestation over time.

Steel is Flexible

In contemporary and future-oriented buildings, another important factor brought by steel is the elasticity in the dwelling. The livelihood of our rapidly changing lifestyle in our spaces can be provided more easily and economically in steel structures. Depending on the conditions that may occur after years, your needs can be met by removing non-load-bearing partition walls or changing their places.

Steel Protects Against Lightning

Unlike other carrier systems, Steel Construction also provides protection against lightning. Because the steel skeleton creates a path to the ground, reducing the dangers of explosion, minor fire and personal injury.

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